Cambium ePMP Release Notes 3.2.1

Defect Fixes (System Release 3.2.1)

[ePMP Elevate] Updates to XM hardware Ethernet port interface MAC address assignment
Support for use of shift key to select multiple frequencies in the Scan List
SM does not create static route for separate management interface
ePMP 2000 device configured in SM mode reports incorrect AP frequency and does not
False radar detection on DFS channel FCC1322 Type1 22
False radar detection on DFS channel FCC1322 Type1 24

Known problems or limitations (System Release 3.2.1)

[ePMP Elevate] TFTP recovery may not be used to restore previous non-Cambium device
software configuration. This limitation is inherent to the design of the native device
[ePMP Elevate] XM hardware – Spectrum Analyzer not supported
[ePMP Elevate] XW hardware – After upgrading a device with ePMP Elevate, downgrading to
device native software, and upgrading again to ePMP Elevate, the Device Name and network
settings may not be retained
[ePMP Elevate] XW hardware – If an ePMP Elevate module is interrupted during an ePMP
software upgrade, TFTP flash recovery of ePMP Elevate software may fail. As a workaround,
load the native device software, then upgrade again to ePMP Elevate
[ePMP Elevate] After changing the device management IP address, the browser may not
automatically redirect to the new IP address. Workaround: Enter the new management IP
address in the browser address bar.
[ePMP Elevate] Upon downgrading from Release 3.2.1 to Release 3.2, the Remote
Management parameter may be set to Disabled. Workaround: Re-enable the Remote
Management parameter after downgrading from Release 3.2.1 to Release 3.2.

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